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  Hope you are all having a good summer so far.


3 days ago I was approached by Carina Moreschi, a famous Brazilian naturist.   She runs the website Nudes go and is pretty high profile in the naturist world. She and 4 other of the girls from the site would like to do a European tour this summer and Poland is one of the stops they would like to make.  Last year they travelled to Barcelona, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Greece and Israel.  This year they will be visiting Spain, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Croatia and Italy.

Whenever they visit a country it gets highly publicised via their blog, on their website and throughout social media.   i think this would be a great opportunity for Polish naturism.  I am wondering if you have any contacts within the Polish NAturist Federation who can help to organise something for these girls or if not maybe this forum can come together and we can welcome them ourselves.


They plan to be in Poland July 11th to 15th.  It is short notice but maybe we can do something to promote Polish naturist beaches around the world.  Please let me know what you think.  Below you can find a link to some of Carina's work:

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