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Attitude towards naturism

Polish society is undergoing major shift in terms of its attitude towards nude recreation. Being traditionally prude, Poles however are accepting beach nudity in designated or distant locations. There is a significant difference in the attitude towards nudity and naturism between young urban generation and old, small-town and village dwellers. The former will be highly tolerant and open (though might not be enthusiastic to practice), while the latter will show their disagreement.

Although there are no "officially designated" nude beaches, thousands of Poles choose nude recreation at the seaside. Note that all the beaches described in this short guide are clothing-optional beaches. That is the general rule in Poland - on such beaches you will find mixed couples (e.g. nude man with topless woman), mixed groups (one nude couple, one textile), mixed families (nude parents with textile kids or the other way around), all other imaginable combinations and, last but not least, nude singles, couples, families and groups of friends.

You can safely practice naturism in any place at the seaside (not only on listed beaches), provided that you respect other people's privacy. In practice, walk away from most crowded center of the beach and when you don't see people around, just get undressed and don't worry. However, never try to go nude in the central place of the beach - that would be perceived as exhibitionism.

The high degree of tolerance towards nude couples and families will not necessarily be attained towards nude single men or nude gay couples, especially, when they are near children. Make sure that you are not violating the privacy of textile sunbathers. If you're not sure whether you may undress or not, try doing that and observe reaction.

Important note: topless is not popular at Polish textile beaches at all. It is very popular to walk along the beach. If you are sunbathing at the nudist beach and you'll see people walking or biking along the sea, don't be surprised. They are not gawking - they are just having their daily walk.

Activities outside naturism

Poland has a moderate climate. The good thing about it is that during summer (June, July and August) there could be several weeks of warm weather suitable for nude sunbathing and swimming. The bad thing is that you're never able to predict the weather, even two days in advance. You may see three days of continuous rain and a week of blue sky just after that - simply, there's no rule. Do not trust tourist agents or online weather services.

But if you're caught by bad weather at Polish seaside, go to local tourist office. They will recommend you thousand ways of enjoying yourself during bad weather - fishing, biking, horse-riding, canoeing, visiting beautiful cities, theme parks, trying local cuisine, etc. You'll find it not less interesting than practicing nudism at the seaside.

Naturism in Poland - Seaside

The list of most popular Polish naturist places, going from German border eastwards.


This is not actually Polish beach but it is just on the other side of the Polish-German border so it is accessible easier from Poland than from Germany. It lies just on the other side of the border with Germany on the island Uznam (Usedom) on the north-west corner of Poland. Since Schengen agreement, you can cross the Polish-German border in any place, any time. German visitors are still predominant on this beach, but you will meet Poles as well. The beach is sandy, wide, protected by forest. Sport activities (beach volleyball, beach tennis) are popular.


This beach is situated near Międzyzdroje, one of the most posh resorts on the Polish seaside, about 20 km from German border. When you enter the main beach, walk left. The nude section starts about 2 km from the entrance to the beach. The beach is very clean and nice, during summer the water is warmer here than in other places on the Polish shore. Probably most foreign tourists go to Międzyzdroje; there is a large hotel here and the city is very committed to satisfying the needs of foreign visitors.


This beach is accessible by car only. Go to Kolobrzeg and take direction Dzwirzyno. Pass Grzybowo; 2 km from the town there is a big parking place (100-150 parking places). Leave your car here and go to the beach (about 200 m north). To the right there is a naturist beach - it starts, depending on the season, up to 50 m from the entrance to the beach. It is a family-friendly beach; most of the visitors are couples with small children. Many people in Grzybowo know each other, so they will camp very closely. In the high season there is a group of naked volleyball players. The beach here is wide and clean; the sea is warm in the July or August.


Rowy (20 km north of Slupsk) was the small fishermen's village some years ago, now it is developing quickly as a modern tourist place, but it is far less crowded and loud than Międzyzdroje. It lies at the border of Slowinski National Park, which is an exceptionally beautiful area of forests, lakes and sand dunes.

If you're looking for the naturist beach in Rowy, it is necessary to go to the far eastern part of the village, cross the river Łupawa, go to the beach and walk about 1 km. A tall pole marks the begin of the nude section, though - as it is typical in Poland - you will see nude sunbathers before the pole and textile ones after. The beach in Rowy is very wide, even 50 m in some places. If you're seeking solitude, walk further - next city (Leba) is 30 km from here (!!!). In high season local salesmen come to the nudist beach to sell sweets, ice cream or drinks.


The village of Dębki, about 50 km north of Gdańsk, is famous for its unique atmosphere. During the Communist Era, the city was never spoiled by large complexes for the industrial working class. It was a place where artistic boheme was staying during summer and first Polish hippies had their communes. Now, Dębki beach is famous for its fine-grained, golden sand, clean sea and beautiful forest just close to the beach.

For the nude beach, you need to leave the car in the center of the village (make sure that you're parking in a proper place, cars are towed away with no mercy). Walk westwards, cross the river Piasnica, then go the beach. After approx. 400 m you will see a small fence that marks the rather symbolic border between textile and nude beach. On the other side of the fence, the most crowded part of a nude beach starts. After 300 meters, the less crowded part starts, people are more relaxed about their swimsuit (some do wear it, some do not). Smoothly, the beach changes back into the textile again about 2 kilometers from the fence.


Not far from Dębki is the most famous nude beach in Poland, because of the song "Chałupy Welcome To" sung in 80's by local singer Zbigniew Wodecki. The beach lies on Hel peninsula, between villages of Chałupy and Kuznica. When going there by car, make sure you're not parking in a forbidden place, otherwise your car will be towed away and you'll be fined. It is convenient to go to Chałupy by local train from Gdynia. In the summer, there is direct waterboat transport from Gdynia and Gdańsk to nearby city of Jastarnia.

When you enter the beach, go right (eastwards). After about 1 km you will be on the nude beach. Remember, that you are in the farthest north part of Poland. The sea in Chałupy is sometimes rough and cold, and always windy. Therefore, Chałupy is Polish "capital of wind surfers" - there are several wind surfing schools in the town. Go to Chałupy if you're looking for sports activities in addition to nude sunbathing. These sports are textile, though.


This is the only beach accessible from a big city, by public transportation. It lies east of Gdańsk. You can go there by car, bus or tram (number 8 and 13). Walk to the beach, go right and walk about 1 km. The nude section starts here. The beach in Stogi has very nice, fine-grained sand. You will also find a popular gay section here.

The disadvantage of Stogi is the water (in the Gdańsk Bay it is not as good as in other places) and the view from the beach (industrial complex of Gdańsk's port). The advantage is short distance to Gdańsk, famous for its monuments, architecture, history and unique atmosphere.


If you're in Piaski, you are at the end of Poland. Piaski is a small village on the far-east end of Polish shore, close to Russian border. You may park on one of the forest parking places along the road from Krynica Morska and walk to the beach. Alternatively, you can walk from Piaski westwards, about 2 km from the village the nude section starts. It is probably the longest naturist beach in Poland - you can sunbathe nude all along the coast, 5 km or more. In some places (near parking places) you'll see more textile folk, but don't worry - they won't mind nude trespassers. The main disadvantage of Piaski is not clean water and beach.

Look for amber! In Piaski, especially after windy weather, you may find plenty of it on the beach. If you're unlucky, don't worry - you can always buy an amber necklace in the local shop.

Simple rules of thumb on a nude beach in Poland

- Respect people's privacy, do not stare or gawk
- Do not take photos unless everybody agrees
- Be careful about the water even if you're a good swimmer; watch the kids -
there are no lifeguards on duty!
- Take care of nature, take you garbage with you.
- No sexual activity on the beach

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